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If you are looking for North Vancouver mortgage options, you have come to the right place!

As a mortgage broker at Blue Mortgage, Ramin Aminian is proud to offer his clients a vast amount of mortgage options and resources to help make their mortgage decisions as stress free as possible.

Ramin can help with your mortgage needs if you are:

  • Regularly employed
  • Self-employed
  • Retired
  • Newly immigrated
  • A non-resident
  • Purchasing a home
  • Refinancing a primary residence
  • Refinancing a rental property

While the above scenarios cover most clients, if you do not fit into a category on this list, don’t worry! There is a mortgage that is right for you and Ramin will find it!

Mortgage Products Offered

As a North Vancouver mortgage broker, Ramin has years of experience assisting clients with their mortgage needs. He offers products with competitive rates for all the following:

    • Residential Mortgages
    • Land Mortgages
    • Construction Mortgages
    • Commercial Property Mortgages
    • Whistler Phase 2 Property Mortgages
    • Second and Third Mortgages

Ramin also offers mortgages for Co-Op properties and Undivided Interested properties.

In addition to the mortgage products listed above, Ramin has also created a glossary of frequently used mortgage terms and a mortgage calculator to help his clients to feel more comfortable and at ease throughout the mortgage process.

 North Vancouver Mortgage Rates

Ramin Aminian is so confident that he can get his clients competitive mortgages rates, that he is willing to say that he can offer the lowest mortgages rates in North Vancouver.

He has created a smartphone application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or through Google Play. This application, Blue Mortgage, was designed with his clients in mind. Once it is downloaded to your phone, you will have instant access to your affordability limits and updates on the latest North Vancouver mortgage rates.

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Some of the Programs we Offer

If you are an Immigrant and landed in Canada within the last 5 years, you are considered New Immigrant and you can use the following programs:


Down Payment



Un-employed 35% 65% No Income Required (Maximum: $2.3M)
Employed 5% 95% Based on permanent job’s income (Maximum: $949K)


Most of the Lenders require at least 2 years history of Self-employment by way of business license or incorporation documents however some of our lenders accept a history of 3 months Self-employment


Down Payment



1 15% 85% needs Light income documents OR Cash-flow ( Max: $800K)
2 35% 65% No Proof of Income (Max: $1.0M)
3 50% 50% No Proof of Income (Max: $3.0M)

If you are not living in Canada, you can still purchase a property in Canada but you have to have a bank account here.

Down Payment



35% 65% No Proof of Income (Maximum: $1.0 M)


The Best & Most Creative way that we can offer to clients based on their income, requires at least 20% Down Payment and a Rental Suite (either Authorized or Un-authorized) in the house then you can match your case with the following scenarios and if your scenario doesn’t match any of them give us a call. If the house doesn’t have rental suite, just count on us for the Lowest Rate

Family income

Down Payment

House Value

Rental suite’s income

Qualified Mortgage

$40,000/Year $120,000 $600,000 $1200/Month $480,000
$50,000/Year $140,000 $700,000 $1300/Month $560,000
$60,000/Year $160,000 $800,000 $1400/Month $640,000
$70,000/Year $180,000 $900,000 $1400/Month $720,000
$80,000/Year $200,000 $1,000,000 $1400/Month $800,000
$90,000/Year $220,000 $1,100,000 $1500/Month $880,000
$100,000/Year $250,000 $1,250,000 $1700/Month $1,000,000

Why a North Vancouver Mortgage Broker at Blue Mortgage

If you are wondering, why should I chose a North Vancouver mortgage broker at Blue Mortgage, rather than a bank, for my mortgage needs, here is the answer.

By choosing a mortgage professional over a bank, you gain the resources and options of multiple financial institutions and don’t lose out on any of the expertise and one-on-one attention a mortgage broker can provide.  Ramin Aminian has a couple of private lenders whose rates & fees are so competitive to the other private lenders. You can apply now or request a free consultation with Ramin today by clicking the links above or calling phone number (604) 787-8462

*Looking to purchase an apartment or townhouse with Less than 20% Down Payment? Check your affordability by clicking here

About North Vancouver

The beautiful city of North Vancouver is a waterfront municipality in British Columbia that is separated from Vancouver by the Burrard Inlet. While it is the smallest of the North Shore municipalities, North Vancouver is the most developed of the three. The city itself is often thought of as a suburb of Vancouver even though it has substantial shipping, chemical production and film production of its own. North Vancouver is rather densely populated, especially in the high-rise buildings located in Central and Lower Lonsdale. The large population of North Vancouver has access to Vancouver via SeaBus of the three main exits from Highway 1 (exits 17, 18 and 19).



North Vancouver Mortgage and Real Estate Market

In 2011 and 2012, Ramin Aminian was recognized by The Mortgage Group for his significant contribution and achievements in the mortgage industry. As one of the 4 Top Producers of VERICO Paragon in 2016 and an award-winning mortgage broker in 2011 & 2012, Ramin is dedicated to staying up to date on all relevant mortgage news and trends. It is with this knowledge that he can provide his clients with educated and unbiased mortgage advice. The more information obtained before making such an important financial decision, the better. As one of Ramin’s clients, you will have the expertise of a North Vancouver mortgage broker at your disposal. The following is a collection of some recent market statistics for North Vancouver, put together for your convenience.

In October of 2016, sales of residential property totaled 2,233. This figure is down about 39 per cent from the 3.646 total residential property sales in the same month last year. New listings have also decreased by a slight 3.5 per cent from 4,126 in October of 2015 to 3,981 in October of 2016. The drop was even larger month to month between September and October of this year. There were 17 per cent less new listings this October. These decreases in residential properties listed and sold can be largely attributed to the recent changes in Canadian mortgage regulations. The full effect of these new changes is not yet known, but it has worried both buyers and sellers who are now waiting to see how the changes will affect them.

There is no need to be worried, though! Although there has been a dip in new listings on the market, there were still roughly 9,143 homes still listed for sale at the end of October. You still have options and with an experienced mortgage professional like Ramin to rely on, you will still get the best rates in Vancouver.


I also provide the following Financing Services:

*Financing Based on Income: UP to 75% Loan/Value
*Financing Based on Equity: UP to 65% Loan/Value
*Rates start from Prime+1%
*For Land Financing there would be a fee involved
*Financing would be available UP to 65% Loan/Value and Rates start from Prime+2%
*Private Financing as 2nd Mortgage is available UP to 80% Loan/Value and Rates start from 7.95%
*For Construction Financing there would be a fee involved
*Second and Third Mortgages would be available Up to Max 80% Loan/Value
*Rates would be priced based on Loan/Value and start from 7.95% for a 65% Loan/Value scenario
*Available for Retail Stores, Office Spaces and Multifamily Properties
*Percentage of Loan/Value would be evaluated based on the productivity of the property itself as it should cover it’s expenses by it’s Rental Income
*Rate would be evaluated based on the client’s declared income and credit
*Rates vary Case by Case but for a 65% Loan/Value with No Proof of Income, Rates start from 4.25%
*For Commercial Financing there would be a fee involved
*Whistler’s Phase 2 properties are restricted to owner use of up to 28 days in the summer season (April 15 to Oct 15) and up to 28 days in the winter season (Oct 15 to April 15). The rest of the time the unit operates on a “Rental Pool” format.
*Maximum Loan/Value: 65%
*Maximum Mortgage Amount: $500,000
*Rates are different than the regular rates so ask for a quote
*Available for Canadian Residents & Non-Residents
*Acceptable Phase II properties in the Whistler Village are:
Blackcomb Springs, Westin, Pan Pacific, Blackcomb Lodge, Crystal Lodge, Whistler Village Inn and
Suites, Timberline Lodge, Delta Village Inn and Suites, Whistler Cascade Lodge, Pinnacle International,
Hilton Whistler Resort, Holiday Inn, Tyndell Stone Lodge, Four Seasons and Alpenglow.
A “co-operative unit” is the interest of a person in a co-operative corporation that includes the right to use or occupy a part of the land that the co-operative owns or has an interest in. Usually there is no Property Purchase Tax involved.
*Maximum Loan/Value: 65%
*Rates: Starts from Posted Rates + 1.00% 

We will help you understand how different rates, terms and conditions can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments, and financial flexibility. We can help you make your decision as an informed consumer.

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